Our Homeschool Family Circus

When you feel more like the ringmaster
of an out of control circus than a serene homeschool mom

Graduation 2012

Our Adventure Began...

September, 1991-- Our Official First Day of Homeschool


...the adventure continues

Life in my house is not boring. In fact, I think I could do with a little dullness now and then. No!  There is always some activity going one...playing....cleaning....school....cooking....sewing...folding laundry.

...fighting...craziness. Not much doesn't go on here.

My "job" is to orchestrate as much of this as I can without stifling my children's creativity and spirit, without crossing that invisible line of submissiveness to my husband. Some days it's really hard to see that line, and to NOT cross it.

Our homeschool experiences, more than 15 years, have proven that doesn't even come close to those magazine cover homeschool families. You know the ones. Their children all learn to read, fluently, by age 3, they potty train themselves as soon as they can walk, and by age 10 they are fluent in at least 6 foreign languages, preparing for their masters degree from some Ivy league school that was/is so impressed by the child's genius they made special arrangements for tutors, etc...  OK, you're right, I did exaggerate, but that's the point...they are not the usual, they are the UNusual. 


Graduation 2008


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